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Philip Tiongson

Thanks for summarizing!

Just 2cents:

1. I think that the point of Taleb is not so much that everything is random - but that rather we think that everything is explainable and therefore not random. I think he questions our belief that "just because we are right most of the time dosen't necesssarily mean we are right 100% of the time".

2. Black Swans are not merely the improbable - black swans are highly improbable and highly unexpected, AND when they happen, they result to something significant and mind-boggling.

I do agree that he tends enjoy being obscure and obtuse. And yeahp, it's not a 'dip-in-textbook': it took me 3 reads (so far). And I think I still don't probably get it.


Kevin Duncan

Brilliant points Philip. Thanks for joining in.

I really admire your tenacity for reading a book three times.

That's not something I could do - I'm too keen to move on the next one!

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